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  Social Responsibility

In compliance with the environment policy of all staff participation, pollution prevention, scientific management, create bright future, insisting on the safety production policy of people oriented, beforehand prevention, the company has carried out a series of propagandas to increase the environmental awareness of the staffs, so as to create safe and harmonious atmosphere.

The company has revised and formulated environment management system, waste management system, production management system and equipment management system, etc. The company has formulated sudden environmental pollution accident emergency rescue plan, environmental risk accident emergency rescue plan and dangerous chemical collection and MSDS. Security and environmental protection is the inevitable problem for every chemical enterprise. In recent years, the company has improved the environmental protection facilities, and has reduced the influence to local environment. The sewage treatment factory implements standard emission and controls total amount of discharge. On these basis, the company has achieved great economic benefit and obtained favorable social benefit, moreover, the social image of the company has enhanced.

We adhere to the thought that the life and safety of the public above all, and enhance safety management, thus the public can lead a comfortable life.

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